You couldn’t resist, could you?

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“At Moto Technique we do all the clever stuff that scares off other crash repairer’s

Our clients come to us from all over the World, because they haven’t been able to find a solution to their problem

Whether it’s aluminium, steel, fibreglass, Kevlar or carbon fibre, we’re proud to say, that all the cars on these pages were returned to their original factory specification and drivability”

“What we sell is Peace of Mind”

Kevin O’Rourke - Moto Technique

With state-of-the art facilities all under one roof, there aren’t many repair projects that Moto Technique can’t put right. These include a digital chassis alignment centre, two hi- bake spray booths, a mechanical department and Hi-tech specialists plus the knowledge, experience and talent in every area required to return these magnificent machines to their former glory.

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